Rachel Kamps is a trained musician, songwriter, and recording artist with more than 20 years of worship service leadership.  She has elevated the music program at her local parish through original compositions used in worship services and special performances.


Sparkle Heart and the Advent Adventure took form when Rachel was commissioned by her church to develop an Advent children’s musical. Knowing that Advent is not celebrated as robustly as Christmas, the church musical director told Rachel the rector wanted, “No more musicals focusing on Christmas during Advent.” It was time to educate parishioners, young and old, on the importance of “waiting for the light to come.”


After researching the market for existing Advent plays or musicals for children—and finding nothing—Rachel turned to her own fertile imagination.


The character of Sparkle Heart sprung immediately to mind. Rachel created the fictional character years ago, weaving her into tales of adventure that kept Rachel’s young nieces and nephews spellbound. So, why not develop this character further, and give her a new adventure…an Advent adventure?


So that’s what Rachel did…making Sparkle Heart’s innocent question, “Does God still come today” the catalyst for an answer told with an inventive blend of narration and song.


Sparkle Heart and the Advent Adventure premiered at Christ Episcopal Church in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, on Month XX, 20XX, and was performed again the following year—each time to a full house.


The characters, the story, and the music are Rachel’s creation.  She employed the help of a Nashville producer to arrange the songs and showcase them with the highest production value. This musical is now conveniently packaged with music, lyrics, and script ready for deployment to schools and churches everywhere.